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We know you know how to drive & it works for you. Would you be interested in information that would save you money, time, and reduce your stress when you drive? As an example, how does speeding to a red traffic light get you to your destination faster? Sure, you arrive at the traffic light ahead of other drivers, then you sit ahead of everyone else with your engine idling longer than everyone else as you proudly block the road forcing other drivers to stop as they catch up to you, stop behind you, add to the traffic jam & everyone's drive time keeps increasing the further back it goes. When you are ahead of all the other drivers, you are the first one blocking the road. You can feel better by quickly hit the accelerator to be the  first one to the next stop. It just means you are blocking the road again. Going fast and stopping get you there faster, if you throw in the wait time.

These actions and others like them are causing traffic jams to occur. If this was the fastest drive possible, why do you have to stop & wait. All stopping does is add time to your drive. If you think about it, every brake and every stop is costing you and increasing your driving costs.  Braking & stopping proves you are wasting with every brake light. You are lowering your mileage, increasing your wait time, and causing other drivers to join you. 

If you enjoy this driving style, you should enjoy the traffic jam that it causes. Don't think about the additional cost to you  and your community. You can smile as you wait burning gas for nothing, and lowering your bank account. Please don't give traffic jams a second thought. You can believe you are doing nothing wrong. It's the other drivers that are forcing you to block, brake, stop, & wait. 

Here is your invitation to help save your bank account & the world. Here are some driving questions to help us realize we can reduce or eliminate  traffic jams, 

1) Do you like traffic jams? I hope your answer is "NO".

2) Do you believe there are traffic jam solutions? Belief is a necessary and enables your imagination. People can believe in anything. Why not solutions to traffic jams that work.

3) Do you control other drivers or do you just control yourself, your vehicle, and your actions? You don't control other drivers. They barely know you exist.

4) If we drive the way we drove today, will there be a traffic jam tomorrow? Of course, there would be. Nothing would be different.

5) Do you mind losing money from your bank account when you brake, stop, & wait, because you ran out of space? I hope the answer is "YES". If no, keep braking as often as you like. You don't need the exact $250 to $2,828 that you spend on transportation costs.

The more aware we are to what is happening, the easier it is to solve any issue we face. Taking individual actions that hurts traffic flow doesn't make traffic faster. There are several drivers ahead and behind you blocking & braking. When we brake because of them, we become them. We make the process more expensive and time consuming as we add to the traffic jam. 

Every driving action costs you money. The vehicle's purchase or lease, the required insurance, the cost of fuel, maintenance, & registration fees, car repairs and maintenance use money from your bank account. Every time you drive, whether you are hitting the accelerator with the wind in your hair and the sun warming your body, or braking into a red traffic light, "Stop" sign, traffic jam, road blockage, metering light or merge, the meter is running.  Since we are given our money away without a thought, drivers can afford to spend money on driver's education to save themselves from their current excessive transportation spending. Please take a class or ask for some tips.

Drive and save is simple. Keep our vehicles moving. The less we accelerate, brake, stop, wait, and then repeat it again, the cheaper our drives will be. The fewer times we stop, the faster we go at a cheaper price. Our trip costs could drop just by  braking less. 


The savings is related to brake replacement, gas or electric costs, or wear & tear on other vehicle parts; transmission, engine, etc...  Stopping before you reach your destination adds time and cost to our trips. Basically, our current driving behavior costs us more than it has to. How much? In some metropolitan areas, the braking, stopping & waiting costs per year are higher than $1,000. L.A. is reported at $2,828.

What would your saved drive time be worth to you? What issues could you solve with more money in your bank account?  Do you like giving money to the oil & electric companies to sit in stopped traffic and throwing your purchase in the air? If you have to drive, please join in this community service project that save you money while you help the community. Every person can add to the driving solution. Driving well can be a community service activity that pays you while you help others. 

Most people are trained for a specific skill. What course have you taken to drive your vehicle through traffic jams. Traffic Commute is offering a class to supplement your information and provide ways to reduce your transportation costs. In addition to you saving money & time for yourself and your community, we will  donate $10.00 to a school district, PTA or school group for every membership or person taking our driver information class. 

Improper lane changes & merges cause braking and stopping.  Traffic Commute's first objective is awareness. Drivers control the roads by their actions.  In the equation of movement, there is space, speed, & time. Emotion & feelings are not in this equation. We want drivers to drive as fast as the equation allows without blocking and braking. Braking disrupts traffic flow and stopping blocks the road. Waiting allows the traffic jam to get worse. There are simple ways to control these issues and save time, money, the environment, the world and your bank account. All it takes is you to follow the laws of motion.

Traffic Commute has traffic games, plans, & policies for individuals, groups, businesses, & government agencies that could save 1 or 2 trillion dollars in the U.S. with your participation. It is your choice whether you join & hire Traffic Commute, or ignore this information and keep the losing money one brake at a time. Brake lights, constant  "Stop & Go" driving, and traffic jams are highly visible signs of waste & financial loss. 

We affect traffic by our choices and actions. We make a difference by our individual behavior. When you want to make things better for yourselves and  inadvertently for others, please contact us at or @TCCarclub on Twitter to show your interest in a WIN/WIN/WIN/WIN situations. Join in and help yourself and other drivers to make motion the highest priority in your drive.

Become a member of Traffic Commute to see proven ways to improve traffic flow or get moving sooner. Below, you can  hit the "What We Do" button to take one more stop to making a difference. Give your "Word" in an e-mail to improving traffic through the link below. Reduce traffic jams. Better drives. More money in your bank account. Your actions, your responsibility, and your commitment can make it happen.


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